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Maids & Janitorial Services

Serving the Needs of Residential Maids & Commercial Janitorial Services

Cleaning professionals – from janitors to maids – are exposed to unique risks each day. Employees may be exposed to wet floors, leading to slips, falls, and broken bones. If workers use toxic cleaning chemicals or pesticides, they could develop long-term illnesses due to their exposure. Should employees need to move heavy furniture, boxes, or equipment in order to clean, they risk throwing out their backs and suffering a potentially life-long injury. In addition, workers could sustain repetitive motion injuries from performing the same kind of work.

Roamnet makes Workers Compensation insurance available for Professional Cleaning operations, particularly those typically not universally eligible to many standard/preferred insurance carriers. The program is available to Franchise Residential Cleaning, with eligible applicants included in each state-mandated classes.

Underwriting Eligibility

  • Franchise Residential Cleaning Services are eligible
  • Commercial Janitorial operations with light commercial cleaning will be considered.
  • New ventures (less than 3 years in business) with prior ownership or management experience are eligible:
    • Require owner resume
  • Non-Franchised Residential Cleaning Service will be considered with at least three years of prior ownership or management experience

Program Footprint

  • Available in: AZ, CA, CO, GA, ID, IL, LA, MI, NV, NJ, OR, PA, TX, UT