Property & Casualty Appetite List

We’ve got a healthy appetite when it comes to writing P&C insurance.

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Property & Casualty Appetite List

Property & Casualty Appetite List


A/C Equipment Dealers – retail only
Animal Cemetery
Animal Hospital
Appliance Distributors
Art Supply Stores
Auto Glass Shops
Automobile Parts and Supplies Distributors
Automobile Parts/Supply Store
Bagel Shops
Barber Shops
Bath, Sauna and Spa Stores
B (continued)
Battery Stores
Beauty Parlors and Hair Styling Salons
Bed and Bath Shops
Beer/Wine Making Supplies
Beverage Stores
Billiard Stores
Bird Feeder Stores
Boat Supply Stores
Bookbinding and Printing Supplies – retail only
Book, Magazine and Newspaper Stores
Bottled Water Sales
Bridal Shops
Butcher Shops

Cable TV, Satellite Dish and Telephone Installation – residential
Cake Decorating and Supplies Stores
Camera and Photographic Equipment Stores
Camping Equipment Stores
Candle Shops
Candy or Confectionery Distributors
Candy, Nut and Confectionery Stores
Car Stereo Shops
Card Stores
Carpet Cleaning – customers’ premises – furniture and upholstery okay
Casket/Coffin Sales
Ceiling or Wall Installation
Cellular Phones and Pagers Stores
Ceramic, China and Pottery – retail only
Cheese Shops
Chimney Cleaning – residential – three stories or fewer
China Stores
C (continued)
Clothing and Wearing Apparel Stores
– Children‘s and Infant’s Wear
– Family Clothing
– Haberdashery and Men’s Furnishings
– Hosiery Stores
– Ladies’ Accessories and Specialties
– Ladies’ and Girls’ Coats, Suits and Dresses
– Ladies Undergarments and Lingerie
– Men’s Accessories and Furnishings Stores
– Men’s and Boys’ Coats and Suits
– Men’s and Boys’ Hats and Caps
Clothing and Wearing Apparel Distributors
Coffee and Tea Supplies Stores
Coffee Shops
Computer Stores
Copy & Duplicating Services
Cosmetic Hair or Skin Preparation Stores
Craft Stores
Curtain Stores
Cutlery Stores

Diary Products or Butter and Egg Stores
Dance Supplies Stores
Dental Laboratories
Department or Discount Stores
Dollar Stores
Donut Shops
Drapery Stores
Dry Cleaners
Dry Cleaning and Laundries – Self-Service
Educational and School Supplies Stores
Electric Work within Building – no alarm work
Electronic Goods Stores
Embroidery Shops
Fabric Distributors
Fabric Stores
F (continued)
Fence Erection Contractors – not fence dealers
Fishing Equipment Stores
Five and Ten Cent Stores
Flags and Banners Stores
Floor Covering Distributors
Floor Covering Installation – no ceramic or stone
Floor Covering Stores
Flower, Plant, Tree Stores (Dried/Silk)
Formal Wear Stores
Frame Stores
Fruit or Vegetable Dealers
Funeral Homes or Chapels
Furniture or Fixtures Installation in Offices or Stores portable – metal or wood
Furniture Stores

Games and Supplies Stores
Garden and Lawn Equipment Dealers
Garden and Lawn Supply Stores
Gift Shops
Glass Dealers – retail only
Golf Cart Sales and Service Shops
Golfing Supplies and Accessories
Gourmet Food Stores
Greeting Cards Stores
Hair Styling Salons
Hardware and Tool Distributors
Hardware Stores
Hat Stores
Headstone’s Sales
Health Food Stores
Hearing Aid Distributors
Hearing Aid Stores
Hobby, Model Maker or Artists’ Supply Stores
House Furnishing Installation – NDC
Ice Cream Stores
Interior Decorators Shops
Janitorial Services – office or residential
Janitorial Supplies – retail only
Juice Bars
Kitchen Accessories Stores
Lawn Care Services – no tree trimming, pruning or spraying
Leather Products or Hide Stores
Leather Products or Hides Distributors
Lighting Stores
Linen Stores
Lingerie Stores
Luggage Stores
Marble Products – retail only
Mattress Stores – retail only
Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood Stores
Millinery and Trimmings
Mirror and Glass Shops
Music Stores – CDs, Tapes, Sheet Music
Musical Instrument Distributors
Musical Instrument Stores
Nail Salons

Office Accounting/Bookkeeping
Office – Advertising
Office – Appraisal Firms
Office – Chiropractors
Office – Dentists
Office – Drafting
Office – Employment Agencies
Office – Financial Planners
Office – Graphic Artists
Office – Insurance Adjusting Firms
Office – Insurance Agents
Office – Mortgage Brokers
Office – Massage Therapists
Office – Ophthalmologists
Office – Oral Surgeons
Office – Osteopaths
Office – Physical Therapists
Office – Physicians
Office – Psychologists
Office – Real Estate
Office – Speech Therapists
Office – Surgeons
Office – Title Insurance
Office – Travel Agencies
Office – Word Processing, Secretarial Services
Office Machines or Appliance Stores
Office Machines or Appliances – installation, inspection, adjustment or repair
Optical Goods Distributors
Optical Goods Stores
Pagers Stores
Paint, Wallpaper or Wall Coverings Stores
Painting, Picture or Frame Stores
Party Supply Stores
Patio Furniture Stores
Perfume and Toiletries Stores
Pet Breeders Domestic
Pet Groomers – domestic
Pet Motel
Pet Stores
Pet Supplies Distributors
Photo Finishing Labs
Photographers Studios
Photographic Equipment Distributors
Piano Stores
Piano Tuning
Pizza Carryout
Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures Stores
Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures Distributors
Post Office/Mailing Services
Poster Art and Pictures Stores
Precision & Scientific Tools or Instruments Stores
Pretzel Shops
Printing Shops
Produce Markets

Radio and Television Stores
CD’s, Tapes & Sheet Music Distributors
CD’s & Tapes & Sheet Music Stores
Religious Goods Stores
Restaurant Equipment Store
Sewing Machine Distributors
Sewing Machine Stores
Ship Chandler Stores
Shoe Repair Shops
Shoe Stores
Sign Painting or Lettering – no sign erection work above the first floor
Sign Stores
Sporting Goods – Distributors
Sporting Goods Stores
Stationery and Paper Products
Stationery and Paper Products – Distributors
Street Cleaning
Strip Shopping Centers
Sunglasses Boutique
Swimming Pool Servicing – no repair
Tack Shops
Tailoring or Dressmaking Establishments
Ticket Agencies
Tire Dealers – with or without incidental auto repair or service
T (continued)
Toy Stores
Trophy Stores
Tuxedo Rental Stores
Uniform and Line Supplies Stores
Upholstering – N.O.C. or shop-only – no work on motorized vehicles or boats
Vacuum Cleaner Sales and Service Stores
Video Stores
Wallpaper or Wall Coverings Distributors
Wallpaper, Wall Coverings or Paint Stores
Watch and Clock Repair
Water Softener Equipment Sales
Water Well Drilling – no wells for testing/monitoring or groundwater decontamination
Wedding Consultants
Wig Stores
Window Cleaning – three stores or fewer
Window Treatment or Coverings Stores
Wine Shops
Yarn Stores
Yogurt Shops