Underground Tank Storage Pollution

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TankSure® For Automotive Industry

Help Insureds Meet Their
Financial Responsibility Requirements

Businesses that own or operate an underground storage tank (UST) must show that they have the financial resources to clean up a site if a release from the tank occurs and to pay compensation to third parties for damage to their property or for personal injury. These requirements form the basis of the EPA’s financial responsibility regulations. With Roamnet, you can provide your Automotive clients with Underground Tank Storage (UST) Pollution Liability insurance to meet their responsibilities.

With TankSafe®, in the event there is an underground storage tank incident, the policy covers third-party claims for bodily injury and property damage liability as well as costs for corrective actions such as off-site cleanup and cleanup of the insured’s premises. TankSafe® combines underground and aboveground storage tank coverage in a single policy, and is provided on an admitted basis.  Gasoline Service Stations & Convenience Stores with G.A.S.S. are our “Preferred Risk” classes.

In addition, TankSafe® is a fully automated Internet­-based system: From submission through policy and financial responsibility certificate issuance, the system has been specifically designed to make an otherwise complicated process both user-friendly and efficient for customers.

Coverage Highlights

  • Third-party bodily injury & property damage claims resulting from storage tank incidents involving scheduled storage tanks
  • Corrective action costs resulting from storage tank incidents involving scheduled storage tanks
  • Policy/Certificate satisfies federal and/or state requirements for financial responsibility (where applicable)
  • Written on an ‘Admitted Basis’
  • Enhanced coverage terms and conditions:
    • Limits of Liability and Deductible
    • Coverage Territory
    • Enhanced Extended Reporting Periods
    • Definitions of “additional insured”, “first named insured”, and “remediation costs”

Additional Information

  • $350 Minimum Premium
  • From $500,000 per/$1 million aggregate to $5 million per/$5 million aggregate
  • A++ A.M. Best Rated Carrier
  • For Westchester/Ace, a Chubb Company, TankSafe® clients, customized storage tank risk control services are available through Westchester’s ESIS Health, Safety and Environmental Services, including Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans and underground storage tank management systems