Workers’ Comp Class Codes

These classes of Workers’ Compensation are available with supporting property and casualty submissions. Contact RoamNet Programs with any questions.


California Specific:
WCIRB California


2033 Bakeries & Cracker Mfg.
2501 Clothing Mfg.
2585 Laundries Noc, All Employees
2589 Dry Cleaning or Laundry, Retail, Noc
2660 Boot or Shoe Manufacturing or Repair
3131 Engraving or Tag, Button or Rivet Mfg.
3383 Jewelry, Clock, Watch or Trophy Mfg.
4130 Glass Merchant, No Installation
4299 Printing or Bookbinding
4361 Photographers or Photofinishing, All Employees
4692 Dental Laboratory
8001 Stores, Florists
8004 Stores, Garden Supplies
8006 Stores, Grocery, Fruit & Vegetable, Convenience Store
8008 Store, Clothing, Wearing Apparel or Dry Goods, Retail
8013 Store, Jewelry
8015 Store, Furniture
8017 Store, Retail Noc
8018 Store, Wholesale Noc
8019 Quick Printing or Photocopying, All Employees
8021 Store, Meat, Fish or Poultry, Wholesale
8031 Store, Meat, Fish or Poultry, Retail
8032 Stores, Clothing, Dry Goods, Wholesale
8039 Store, Department, Retail
8042 Store Floor Covering
8046 Store, Automobile Accessories
8062 Store, Computers, Wholesale or Retail
8064 Office Supplies and Stationary
8065 Paint or Paint Supplies, Wholesale or Retail
8071 Store, Books, Retail
8078 Sandwich, Beverage Prep. or Ice Cream and Yogurt Shops
8111 Plumbers Supplies Dealer, Wholesale or Retail
8290 Warehouse, Self-Storage, All Other Employees
8388 Rubber Tire Dealers
8393 Automobile Body Repair
8740 Building Operation incl. Apartment or Condominium Complexes
8745 News Agents or Distributors of Magazines, Not Retail
8810 Clerical Office Employees N.O.C.
8820 Attorney, All Employees & Clerical
8831 Hospital, Veterinary, All Employees
8834 Physicians
8839 Dentists and Dentist Surgeons, All Employees Including Clerical
9516 Television and Audio Equipment Installation and Repair
9586 Barbershops or Beauty Parlors, All Employees
9620 Funeral Director, All Employees


Other States: