• Property & Casualty

    Get access to more “A” rated admitted markets for your clients.

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  • Gas Station Insurance

    We have exclusive relationships with more carriers and can write your Property & Casualty and Workers’ Comp risks

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  • Workers’ Compensation

    Every business needs it but does your carrier offer the best deal for your client?

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Preferred Admitted Carriers

Independent agents count on Roamnet for competitively priced commercial products for BOP, workers’ comp, commercial auto, contractors and middle market accounts. We do it better with:
     - Access to “A” Rated Carriers
     - Superior Customer Service
     - No Volume Commitments
     - No Membership Fees
     - No Monthly Access Fees

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Gas Station Insurance

We’re the leader in Automotive Specialty Programs for Gas Stations, Service Stations and all Automotive Related Risks. Our exclusive relationships give you the advantage with innovative, affordable programs for:
     - Workers’ Compensation
     - Property & Casualty Coverage
     - Specialty Programs

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Whether you’re interested in our Specialty Automotive Programs or you’re looking for a great resource for “A” Rated, Admitted Markets – we are your gateway.

We take great pride in providing excellent service from our professional, friendly team. Put us to work for you, today.

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