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Taking Just a Few Simple Steps Lessens the Risk of Data Breach At Your Company

August 6, 2019 | Posted By: admin

1. Can your customers pay electronically with plastic? Consider outsourcing your payment processing.  There are a lot of reputable vendors who offer dedicated security to better protect your data.

2. Use different devices for financial and social.  If you do online banking at your firm, use a different device for email and social media. One infected social site can compromise your banking and shut you down.

3. Passwords. Don’t trust anyone with your passwords. You can’t tell when a website  has been hacked or if your passwords were compromised. Set up a two-factor authentication. This sends a secret code to your phone verifying your identity.

4. Education. Establish a written policy about data security and communicate same to your employees. Make is clear which information is sensitive and confidential and what their responsibilities are to protect said information. Make sure you have a point person who knows what to do if your data is attacked.

5. Stay away from Wi-Fi networks. Instead, mandate encryption of all data. Consider encrypting email within your company if personal information is transmitted.

6. Know your browser. Keep up to date with the latest versions of your browser. Test your browser’s configuration for weakness and make sure you are on a trusted site.

7. Secure your operating system. Older systems are easier to hack (Windows XP or OS X 10.6) so keep your operating system current and up to date.  Also make certain no one is connected or has access to your browser or to your backup. Encrypting your backup and hosting it off site keeps it safe from burglary or fire.


These tips won’t guarantee your data won’t be hacked, but it will insure that you’re closer to being safe and can sleep better at night.  If you have questions about cyber liability policies for your business, please give us a call. We’re here to help.